Class Reunion That Was...Today....And The Class Reunion Will Be...

2012 SJA Alumni Homecoming

We have come to the point where you ask yourself how time flies so quickly that you forgot to have some fun.   It's true you met a lot of new friends since graduating from high school.  You raised your own family and gained new relatives.  But there's something in high school that you wont forget,  it's kinda unique in the true sense of the world.  That even just a glimpse of old pictures and hearing the songs of the 80's in your favorite radio station will bring back those happy times in your mind.  What a  great feeling, eh!

Well,  in order to bring back those wonderful feeling,  you have to attend the SJA Class Alumni Homecoming.  Did you know that the best therapy you can do for yourself is to attend your high school reunion?  It has actually the complete benefits to your physical, mental and spiritual well being.  

In this event, you will learn to dance again, play your favorite sports and sing with your classmates, without noticing you already burn a lot of calories even though you eat your most favorite foods.   

You will share your unforgettable memories dated back when you were call for class recitation and all you did was curl your hair and bite your thumb.  Hilarious! but that can improve your mental health because laughter is the best medicine.  

 And of course,  why not take this opportunity to go back to the Church where you grew up and knew Jesus.  You've gone  a long way.  Give thanks to the Lord that you reach this age in your life where you are still with your classmates.  Pray for our departed classmates. Pray for your family and always be thankful.

The most unforgettable reunions were celebrated successfully with progressing  turn out in every event succeeding after our graduation in the year 1987.  These SJA Alumni Homecoming celebrations were held in the year...

       1989,  1994, 1999  2002, 2007, 2012      

Are you present in at least three of those Alumni Homecoming years?   If yes,  you are blessed from among the 5%  of the whole population of alumni graduated in SJA.  You added another 5 more years to your average life span.  

You may ask yourself...where the hell am I in those years.  It might be that something came up.  You got stuck somewhere in your life, you were overseas and other hundreds of reasons you're the only one who knows why.

But it's not yet too late......Another one is coming soon,  it's gonna be exciting again. It is something to look forward to in order to add more joy and value to your life in this world.   Why not seize the day and be there on.........

                         DECEMBER    2017  !!!

Get your butt in there, forget your work for a while, relax and laugh out loud with your classmates.  I'm sure when you experience those wonderful feeling again.  You might say to yourself -  if only I can turn back the time.   The only word that you do not want to use and feel is... Regret. 

Yeah, you can say there is always another time. Indeed, that's true.  There's always time for another SJA Class Reunion.  That will be on the following coming  years.....

      2022,  2027, 2032  2037, 2042, 2047

It looks like still a long time to go for you to catch up.  I know you are not getting any younger.  Nobody knows if you are still existing in this earth for all those years.  It will be best to count your blessings, strive to be happy and go back to where you came from.

Big Hugs to all of you.  See you there!

Classmates, Mam Ofelia, Sister Jane