Life Begins At 40
What are the changes happening to you in your 40's?

The statement "Life Begins at 40"  is already very familiar to us in our growing adult year.   Before that, you don't seem to mind  because you know you are still filled with pure energy, high spirit, endless enthusiasm, and often reckless attitude of you,  being the man of steel - like Superman.   We don't really understand what and how it means really until such time comes that you are now in your 40's.  

Admit it or not,  we have our own experiences.  You feel some changes you can't understand that you never felt before, whether it could be physically or mentally.  You like to ignore the signs but it keeps coming back.  It is not anymore what you use to be.   Well, what you can do first is that you need to respect Biology.  It is not a disease or a stigma attached to being in their 40's.  This is just a new chapter in our life that we must be thankful.

Be thankful and blessed that you reach 40's and looking forward to your 50's, 60's or possibly 100's with constant prayers, self discipline and striving to be always healthy and happy.  Life is indeed a Journey not a Destination.  Stop for a while, relax, enjoy, have some fun but be very responsible.  You just need to adapt to the changes in what you feel and to the environment you are now living.   You can't go back to your old habits in your 20's and 30's and expect to get the same result.   It ain't gonna work at all.  

Now is the time for you to be on the look out to reunite with your old friends in high school.  If you get this very rare opportunity,  seize the day to talk and laugh out loud.  This is what the real Life in the 40's is.   You will feel good,  and for sure your body will love you for it.

Let's Celebrate!

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