Things You Remember in High School

Lots of things you still see today can bring back of your memories in the 80's and perhaps some of them which is not anymore existing today will surprise the hell out you,  that you can say... Yes, I remember that!

Check out these things and see if it really connects to you and share how do you feel about it.

1. High School Notebook of the 80's. 

Catleya Notebook Sa Science, English, Social Studies Etc

Golden Gate Notebook sa Math, Physics Etc.

Favorite Notebook ng mga Girls

 You use this for your subjects in English, Math, Practical Arts and Science to name a few.

2.  Shoes of the 80's

Girls Shoes

Top-Sider of the 80's
Ladies Shoes

PE Shoes and Garden Shoes

Basketball  Shoes for Summer League

All Around Sinelas - Dragon
Not bad for all season fashion in and out of the campus.

3.  Clothes of the 80's

Ladies favorite football like shirt
Basketball Shorts
Boys Bagsak Pants
This will really blow your mind.  If you still have this in your closet,  you are really a certified retro 80's addict.

4.  School Bags of the 80s

You placed here your stuff and accessories... and even the gadgets not allowed in the campus.

5. Pencil and Ballpens of the 80's
Bic Ballpen

Mongol pencil
Popularly used in Exams for NCEE

6. Electronic Items in the 80's
Cassete Tape


Mobile Player

Old phone

I know, I know there are still a lot of things in your mind right now.  It was not that cool compare to the technology we have right now.  But hey,  we had lots of fun using those, eh.  To think that even text messaging was not around but we still manage to meet at the exact place at the right time for our party and events.  No such alibi like " Where na u?,  On the way na me?,  San kana?   

If you still have some things in your mind,  feel free to share and have some fun!

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