SJA Batch 87 Night Party

Whoaa!, ChaCha, Balse,  New Wave, Rock, Classic Native Dances, Name it we did it!

There was no dull moments.  Everyone brought the house down.  It was really exciting and lots of fun. You never expect the once shy students of the 80's will transform to someone you cannot imagine.  Even our former teachers who witnessed this event could not believe what they saw.   Little do they knew that because of the long absence ( 25 years) of not seeing each other as classmates, it is like a dormant volcano that exploded and unleashed those crazy moves and ignored anything just to feel really good this time!

Dancing to Hits of the 80's

Nothing excites you when you hear the music of your time.  No doubt about that, Isn't it?  What more if you dance to it with all your heart.  Wow, that was really unbelievable!  You will  feel like you go back in those time and feel like young again.  

Check  video clips below.   Please raise the volume higher to hear and enjoy the music well.

Magellan Dance that bonded our batch.

Happy Viewing to Everyone!

SJA Class 1987


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