Invitation to Have Some FUN!

Have you ever thought of indulging in this once in a lifetime event of meeting your old friends and high school classmates, where you feel like not running out of stories to tell, sharing your blessings, laughing out loud or just simply getting some fun?

Huhmmm...,  I think I cannot come to the event because....

  •     My work schedule wont permit me to attend.
  •     I do not have money for contribution.
  •     I am not a professional.  I did not accomplish anything.
  •     I am ashamed.
  •     My Wife will not allow me to attend.
  •     My Husband will not allow me to attend.
  •     I have some reservation.  I just do not have the interest to see my classmates  anymore!

Urggh, the latter point can be a tough one and a hopeless case to imagine, but somehow the underlying reasons may be nearly the same with either of the former points.  If the invitation happened to be just a few years after the high school graduation, I think we can easily understand and some of the above reasons can be valid.

But Santa Mary full of grace!  it has been 25 years now.  We are now on our 40's.  I believe that perhaps your figure and looks changed, your outlook in life changed for the better,  but I bet, the spirit of friendship inside you is still the same.   You are still the Bagets of the 80's who just want to have FUN! 

You just need to unleash the real You!  You want to experience again those exciting feeling.  You've got to believe that when you meet your high school classmates again, you will add more life to your story.  You will understand that you will only live once in this world, and you should make the best of it.  You are not getting any younger and so with your classmates.  Each time you get connected, you feel that the clock stops.  It is amazing!  It is hard to explain, but it is unbelievable!

Alright,  So what should I do?...

To inject positive and hope in your mind which is at the state of uncertainty and doubt as stated above,  the following statement can be change to something like......

  •     I will try to arrange my work schedule to attend this once in a lifetime event.
  •     I am blessed, and so with my classmates. Money will never be a problem for the event.
  •     I am a Professional Dad / Mom.  I raised my kids very well.
  •     I am still Single and I think this can be an Opportunity!
  •     I can't wait to chat with my classmates.
  •     I can invite my wife to this homecoming.
  •     I can invite my husband to this homecoming.
  •     I am so excited for this reunion!

But wait.  we still need money for this event, right?  You know, for the food and drinks, logistics, advertising, gifts, projects, etc.... Oh yeah, most will come from pledges or voluntary donation from our blessed and well off classmates.  They will be glad to share their blessings to our alma mater and to our less fortunate classmates.   If you do not have the money,  you do not need to be bothered at all,  the important is,  you are willing to attend and join the FUN.
Ok you got me,  how can I share my blessings and contribute for this event?

You can choose to contribute in cash, in kind, or just simply attending.  You can choose to participate to our planning activities and implementation of our projects. In any way,  it will be very much appreciated  BIG Time!  With your wholehearted support,   the much awaited reunion will become a reality.

For Cash Donations,  our classmates in Bagabag already arranged and deposited initial fund for our bank account.   You can deposit or send your money in this account via western union or bank transfer.

       ACCT NO:     PNB Solano Acct No. 


Perhaps,  you do not have time to go to the bank or money center to send your cash. No problem.  If you have credit card, you can deposit anytime online through Paypal. It is safe and convenient.  The money will still goes to our same account above.   Plus, you will receive special gift to be announce later after your wholehearted donation.  Yes! Really, promise. 

That's it!   Not yet...   For us to fully coordinate our events and other activities to our classmates,    feel free to register your personal details in the following query below.   It is true.  Sometimes we tend to forget your name.   Signs of getting older?  We really hate to admit.  But one thing for sure,  we will not forget your Bagets face that will always be the mark to start and get to know each other again.  

So, spare a minute of your time to populate your details below.   We would advise our ladies to please state your name when you were single.   Of course, at least that is the name we still remember. 

SJA Batch 87 Baby