SJA Batch 87 Grand Alumni Homecoming

Saint Jeromes Academy celebrated a 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming, December 29-30, 2012 at the SJA campus with the theme  " SJA @ 60 Caring and Sharing Beyond Borders".

SJA Class of 1987

This event coincides with the  celebration of 25th Year Silver Anniversary of SJA Batch 1987.  The first day started with the opening program at the quadrungle which also includes photo shoot souvenir with the SJA Alumni President and the BOD's for each batch.  This was followed by the most awaited motorcade visiting all the barangays of Bagabag.

SJA Motorcade Bagabag 2012

The SJA Batch 87 truck  accessorized with vibrating power amplifiers and loudspeakers attracted the attention of the whole bagabag folks and the alumni to the tune of the dancing craze hits of the 80's.

Fun time reminiscing our once Class Room in SJA

After the exhausting but full of fun motorcade,  our batch went back to the designated room in SJA for the sumptuous lunch.   The all time favorite delicacy such as lechon, fish fillets, calderata, chicken grilled, veggies and other kakanin delicacies flooded the room to the delight of everybody courtesy of the individual pledges from the generous alumni.

Lunch Time Lady's First

Starving???   Eating Time!!!
The day of fun continued at night to our very own party as we celebrated our 25th Year Silver Anniversary at 'D Shopper's Resort.  The theme of our batch is " Nagbabalik tanaw, Nagdiriwang, Nagpapasalamat".   It was a night of fun full of surprise show and gifts to our beloved teachers who attended this event.  It was also the first time after 25 years that our batch organized this very rare reunion with such a big number of attendees.


The 2nd day of the event  was the Eucharistic celebration sponsored by the Alumni with Fr. Moreno of SJA Batch 78 from Sta Lucia as the main celebrant. 
After the Mass sponsored by SJA Alumni with Fr Moreno  SJABatch 78

Various activities were held in the SJA campus including medical mission, parlor games, election of new BOD, batch dancing presentation, and the alumni night.

All SJA Batch  ShowTime!!!
Parlor Games,  Cha-Cha, Balse, Swing, Name it! It's there...

Other fun photos not included here are in the slide show right hand top portion of this blog.   Feel free to check those photos.   Over-all, it was a successful event.   Some alumni was not able to make it to this event because perhaps something showed up that they decided not to attend.   On the other hand, some alumni only knew this event when they were informed a day or two before the event.   At that instant, it was unexpected that this event showed up to them,  wasted no time and grabbed the once opportunity of the lifetime to reunite with their old friends.

For the alumni who were looking forward to this event with great enthusiasm,  who prepared the foods, logistics, sounds, programs etc. who pledges, who arranged everything in order to make this event a memorable one, it was indeed worth the effort.

For the generous alumni miles away, who did not attend this event but extended wholeheartedly their financial support for this event, they are instrumental in order to make this event a reality.   I believe in their aching heart they should be there.  They should be experiencing the fun, laughters and cheers.   Staring those happy photos can be a stress relief in their daily life.   However, the only word they cannot take at the moment is..... Regret!   - of not being there.  In their mind,  they promised to themselves - in the next reunion, whatever it takes.... "I'll be there!."

Somehow,  we knew we only live in this world once.  We all have the family to look up to, work to do and circle of friends, associates.   But definitely, you will only have ONE CLASS in High School that you belong,  that make you feel different from ordinary, that make you feel good, that make you a Bagets once again! 

Life is Good,  that's why we all have the responsibility to make it Better!    See you again in our next Alumni Homecoming on December 2037  ( Golden Anniversary ).   That can be your last chance to attend, so be sure you'll be there!

Happy viewing,

SJA Batch 87

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